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CLIMATE CHANGE; How will Uganda’s birdlife cope
Climate change in Africa is as old as the continent itself. If you could watch Africa’s ecological history in fast-forward mode, you would see a mesmerising array of changes. Rain forests would flourish, then shrink; deserts would creep, then reduce. The powerful rivers and vast lakes like Lake Victoria that are Africa’s life blood would well up, dry up, then fill again. Climate is on the move again. Some areas are getting hotter, others drier and a few are getting wetter. In that ever shifting panorama humans and other species have evolved.

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The plight of Lake Victoria - a dying and yet valued asset
With a surface area of 68,800 sq km (26,600 sq mi), Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest fresh water lake and second largest fresh water lake in the world.

In the media:Farmland birds under threat
CraneThe future of Uganda’s farmland birds has begun to worry conservationists after a new study revealed that they are on a declining trend...

Using Apiary as an initiative to mitigate the negative impacts of agricultural activities to biodiversity
imageApiary is one of the initiatives that are being implemented with an aim of addressing sustainable management for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services...