We appreciate the diverse nature of our membership and different membership categories were created in order to provide them appropriate benefits. 

When your membership subscription period expires, you will be reminded either through phone or email for renewal.


This is open to students in primary and secondary schools and undergraduates in tertiary institutions.

Caters for adults (over 19 years of age including postgraduate students.

Caters for family members (two adults with two children aged below 18) at one address.

This is open to Educational institutions and associations.

Open to NGOs, Agencies, business community/companies with interest in conservation initiatives.

This applies to those who don't belong to the any of the categories above, it caters for anyone who would like to make a contribution towards a nature conservation activity or event.

Individuals who have been paying subsrciption fees for at least ten (10) years and have may attained the age of 60 may apply for life membership.