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NatureUganda has a well stocked library at the secretariat with Wildlife Journals, Magazines, Reports, Guide books on different taxa, annual reports of NU & Partner institutions among other publications. Entrance to this library is limited to only NatureUganda's paid up members and its open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm (Except on Tuesdays between 8:30 - 12:00pm). Come and enrich your understanding of different aspects of nature.
Below are a number of resources that can be utilised by the public as sources of information or other acceptable purposes. (PDF Format)

  • NNL for people and biodiversity Industrial Brief . Download  
  • NNL for people and biodiversity principles . Download  
  • UPCLG No net loss policy brief. Download  
  •  CFM lessons 2018 . Download
  •  TESSA Report .Download
  • Echuya Biodiversity Report 2018 . Download
  •  Kasyoha-Kitomi Biodiversity Report 2018 . Download
  •  Important Bird Areas Book . Download
  • State of Biodiversity 2017 report . Download
  •  The State of Uganda's Birds Indicators of our Changing Environment 2014 . Download
  •  Ecosystem-based Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation-Local guidance . Download
  •  Ecosystem-based Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation-National guidance . Download
  •  Community Vulnerability Assessments and Adaptation Action Plan  Download
  • Mabamba Bay Community Action Plan . Download
  •  Lutembe Bay Community Action Plan  Download
  •  Okole Wetland Management Plan . Download
  •  Ecosystem Conservation for Climate Change Adaptation in East Africa . Download
  •    NU Annual Report 2014. Download
  •  Guidelines for Biodiversity Conservation in Agricultural Landscapes. Download
  •   Conservation Conference 2012 Proceedings. Download
  •  Status and Trends 2009 . Download
  • Status and Trends 2008 . Download
  •  Monitoring Biodiversity in Uganda . Download
  •  Ecological survey of Lake Bisina-Opeta & L. Mburo-Nakivali wetland systems . Download
  •      Socio-Economic Baseline survey of communities adjacent to Lake Bisina-Opeta & L. Mburo-Nakivali wetland systems 2010  . Download

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