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A Pocket Guide to the Chameleons of Uganda

The “Pocket Guide to the Chameleons of Uganda” authored by Dr. Mathias Behangana and Dr. Daniel Hughes, comes along as one of the outputs of Nature Uganda’s Herpetiles Working Group, supported through various activities of its members that include field research.

Chameleons are the most traded in wildlife species from Uganda, with all the 13 species of Uganda reportedly exported. The number of individuals of chameleons exported is second only to birds, yet chameleons are not as abundant as birds or other animals and are vulnerable to over-collecting. The population tends to be poorly known for most of the species. Many of the trafficked chameleons are harvested from wild populations and traded unlawfully, which is done by using a pseudonym for the real species name. Some species that are not Ugandan have also been exported.

This pocket guide is therefore primarily intended to be used as a hands-on tool by managers and planners to be more aware of the exact chameleon species of Uganda and their distribution. It is a good reference tool for researchers, persons involved in wildlife trade, control and regulation, non-experts, breeders, conservationists, pet lovers, chameleon fans, and tourists and anyone that wants to identify the wonderful chameleon species that live in Uganda.