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A second survey of the Fox’s Weaver and Karamoja Apalis

The distribution of the Fox’s Weaver, Uganda’s only endemic bird species, is has been documented for the first time in the non-breeding season by a three teams of NatureUganda staff and volunteers from Uganda Bird Guides Club (UBGC). For a long time there have been speculations about the fate of this range restricted weaver outside its breeding season, whether it remains in its breeding habitat or it migrates away from its breeding habitat to other areas.

Nature Uganda under the Fox’s Weaver and Karamoja Apalis Conservation Project funded by the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility have conducted two surveys of the species in the breeding and non-breeding season. During the recently concluded survey of the Fox’s Weaver and Karamoja Apalis in North-eastern Uganda, 8 individuals of the Fox’s Weaver were recorded in Magoro, Katakwi while 2 individuals of the species were recorded at Iriiri, Napak where they had previously been sighted in the August 2019 survey. The Karamoja Apalis on the other hand was only recorded in Magoro, Katakwi; a flock of about 8 individuals were observed feeding together during the survey.

This follow-up survey was designed to map the distribution of the Fox’s Weaver in the Non-breeding season, so as to identify key habitats for the conservation of the Fox’s Weaver and Karamoja Apalis. As result of the survey, Magoro & Ngarium in Katakwi District as well as Iriiri in Napak Disitrict have been identified as key habitats for the two species, therefore efforts to conserve the species should be focused in these areas.

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