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Implication of court ruling on Bugoma Forest giveaway

In April 2019 Justice Musalu Musene made a ruling that handed over 5,779ha of Bugoma Central Forest Reserve to Hoima Sugar Limited.

A public talk was organized by NatureUganda in collaboration with the Shared Resources, Joint Solutions (SRJS) Programme in Uganda under Ecotrust, IUCN, Afiego and NAPE to discuss what the circumstances around this ruling mean for conservation in Uganda

Below are the presentations and other relevant documents shared that day;

  • Bugoma Forest by NatureUganda. Download
  • Bugoma Forest by Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom. Download
  • Bugoma Forest by Oweyegha-Afunaduula. Download
  • Bugoma Forest by Bunyoro TreeTalkPlus. Download

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