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About Membership

About Membership

As the first and largest membership organization in Uganda, we continue to evolve our unique membership program and implement new strategies and ways of work to enhance the Natureuganda experience for members, institutions/corporations, and parents. With unique programs we offer every member a chance to explore new interests and face challenges, form new friendships, and make lasting community contributions. Every shilling/dollar of membership dues is sent to NatureUganda to cover the cost of fundamental services supporting the conservation movement including: advocacy and public awareness, membership activities, research, training and resources.

How Can You Benefit?

We strive to support our members through:

  • Informative publications including the Naturalists, the Nature Magazine, and many more
  • Subsidized subscription to the EANHS Journal
  • Exciting membership events such as nature walks, excursions and expeditions.
  • Public Talks on every 1st Thursday of the Month

Other benefits:

  • Assigned ID card which identifies you as a member of NatureUganda
  • Free access to the NU library. This library is stocked with global, regional and national reference books
  • Personal invitations to monthly public talks and discussions held every first Thursday of the month at the Uganda Museum starting at 4pm.
  • Free access to the National museums of Kenya.
  • Subsidized subscription to the EAHNS journal.
  • Free copies of year planner and the Naturalist; a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed about conservation issues
  • Free participation in monthly Nature walks organized by NU
  • Invitation to field excursions & expeditions at subsidized rate
  • Priority for internship placement for university students
  • Eligibility to participate in the Annual General Meeting proceedings.
  • Opportunity to contribute to conservation research activities of NU’s working groups.
  • Opportunity to meet and share experiences with other people interested in nature and conservation
  • The satisfaction that comes from contributing towards nature conservation

Upcoming Events

Annual General Meeting

Nature Walk to Mpanga Forest

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