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Naturewalk to Aquaculture Research and Development Centre

On the 14th of March 2020, NatureUganda has organized a member’s Naturewalk to Aquaculture Research and Development Centre (ARDC) commonly known as Kajjansi fish farm.

Aquaculture Research and Development Centre, Kajjansi, is a national centre responsible for aquaculture research and development in Uganda and is part of the National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI) Jinja. It undertakes and facilitates aquaculture related research and provides scientific advice to assist the Department of Aquaculture Development, Directorate of Fisheries Resources achieve its vision and purpose. In doing its work, the center works with universities, other research institutes/organizations, commercial farmers, farmer groups and communities, fish feed producers, fish buyers, government lead agencies, policy makers and other private Aquaculture specialists/experts. Currently the Aquaculture research is structured into four broad research themes/disciplines: Aquatic animal health and bio-security management, Production system design and management, and Fish feed development and management.

The artificial ponds at the site attract a variety of water birds such as, herons, storks, water fowl and waders. Large numbers of migrants are present on passage and rarities have included Eurasian spoonbill, northern Pintail and little ringed Plover.

Members on this trip will be privileged to conduct an early morning birdwatching and identify different bird species around the fish ponds and other fish production units. Members will also have an opportunity to learn about the different stages of fish processes conducted at the site i.e. from hatchery to consumption.

To Note:

  • Each member will be requested to pay a contribution of 25,000/= (Twenty-five thousand shillings only)as a contribution to transport and entry fees.
  • Departure is at 7:00am at the Uganda Museum, therefore members are encouraged to be at the meeting point at least before 7:00am.
  • Please confirm with us by Thursday 12th on 0777 147367. Same number can be used for Mobile money payment.

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